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SNES Game Cartridge Storage for your Retro Treasures

If you’re a collector of SNES games, chances are you want to keep the cartridges in good, if not pristine condition. Leaving them exposed to the elements can result in dust, UV damage, and the dreaded yellowing the SNES Console is famous for. Here we handpick the best SNES Game cartridge storage solutions available today.

The best way to keep your cartridges out of harm’s way, be it from splashes or dust bunnies, is a closed case. This could be something as simple as a shoebox.

If you want more protection, you could consider a plastic container with a lockable lid for your games (the kind many home bargain or office supply stores might sell).

However, this comes with a few drawbacks: they’re no longer easily accessible like they would be on a shelf, and it may not be as easy to keep track of your collection if you keep the games in a closed box or container. It’s easy to understand why some gamers and game companies have gone digital!

In this feature, we will give our lowdown on the best storage options for SNES cartridge collectors. Whether you have NTSC or PAL games, there are a number of options, from budget 3D printed trays to more elaborate and CNC milled oak cases you can find on Etsy.

Before we begin, there are a few tips you should be aware of to keep your SNES games in good condition.

SNES Game Cartridge Storage Tips:

  1. Be sure to never blow into SNES game cartridges.
  2. Clean the connectors only with Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.
  3. A wet wipe can be used to remove heavy dirt from the outside of the cartridge.
  4. Keep your SNES Games away from direct sunlight.
  5. Keep them in a well-ventilated room.

Do not store your SNES Games in a damp or humid environment; mould is the enemy here! Attics, basements, and garages are all a BAD idea!


Solid Oak Stand for 10x SNES Games

Premium Wood Stand by Liftwood
SNES Game Cartridge Storage made from Wood

This is the stand we personally use when it comes to having the ‘most played’ (favourite games) of our SNES collection out of storage and on the TV Stand. We keep it beside our SNES, but a stand like this would look equally good on a shelf.

Made from Solid Oak Wood in Germany it is beautifully designed, CNC machined, and hand finished. A welcome change from the glossy 3d printed plastic trays many are flogging online. Sold via their Etsy Store, Liftwood have a wide selection of other solutions for SNES game storage, but this one is our favourite.

It is worth noting SNES fans in the USA need not dismay, a NTSC US SNES Game stand is also available from the Liftwood Store here and is almost identical except for the cut outs (which are adjusted to fit the slightly larger NTSC SNES Games) and the fact that the US version is made from Bamboo wood.

Liftwood Game Storage for SNES Games

Solid Oak Stand for 10x SNES Games best premium

Premium Solid Oak Wood tray for displaying your SNES games.

Protective Sleeves for SNES Games

Protect your SNES cartridges from dust, dirt & moisture
SNES Game Cartridge Storage Plastic Protectors

These PET Plastic protective SNES sleeves will protect your cartridges from dust, dirt, and moisture. They will also perfectly fit your PAL/EU/JAP SNES/SFC games. You can buy these sleeves for UK PAL/EU/JAP SNES games on AliExpress which should be sufficient for even the most ardent of collectors (Note: USA NTSC SNES Game sleeves are also available – see below).

These sleeves make it easier to read labels when on a shelf, comes in a durable and form fitting design and can all be safely stacked for quick access.

Protective Sleeve and Case for SNES Cartridge Games

30pcs Clear Cartridge Protector Box Sleeve for SNES UK / PAL Games Best budget – pal

Protect your cartridges from dust, dirt, moisture
Region: Fits UK/EU/JAP SNES PAL games.
SNES Game Sleeve Case for NTSC USA Games

10pcs Clear Cartridge Protector Box Sleeve for SNES USA / NTSC Games Best budget – ntsc

Protect your cartridges from dust, dirt, moisture
Region: Fits USA SNES NTSC games.
Disclaimer text….


Acrylic Stands for SNES Cartridges

Best for Displaying SNES Game Collections
Acrylic Display Stand for SNES Game Cartridge Storage

These Acrylic SNES Game Display Stands are ideal for avid collectors who want to show off their favourite games and are happy for the games to be exposed to the elements (perhaps while out for a game night). This premium look stand will grip the Game cartridge as if it was a SNES console, keeping the game upright allowing you to show it off for all to see. This product is sold as a lot of five stands, and will fit both UK PAL and USA NTSC SNES Games.

SNES Game Display Stand for Collectors

5pcs/lot of Clear Acrylic Display Stands for SNES Game Cartridges Best for displaying games

Perfect for Avid collectors to show off their SNES game collection. Fits UK & USA SNES Games

3D Printed SNES Storage

Minimalistic stands on Etsy by Hylijan

Not all 3D Printed storage is bad, if you have a 3D Printer, files for SNES storage are available on multiple website like Yeggi , STLfinder & Cults3d . However if you don’t have the ability to print one yourself, there are plenty of sellers to the rescue on marketplaces like Etsy who offer competitively priced 3D Prints of a whole host of designs. This SNES Game Display Stand by Hylijan on Etsy one of our favourites.

3D Printed SNES Game Cartridge Storage

It’s a simple, vibrant red stand, and designed in such a way that you can see all the cart labels on the rack (without having to remove each game to do so). It Holds up to 6 SNES game cartridges and looks clean and tidy on the shelf, the desk or in your gaming room.

SNES Game Cartridge Storage for your Retro Treasures

SNES Game Display Stand (UK/EU) BEST 3D PRINTED

3D Printed rack in Red
Holds up to 6 UK SNES PAL games
SNES US NTSC Game Storage on Etsy

SNES Game Display Stand (USA) Best 3d printed

3D Printed rack in Black
Holds up to 6 USA SNES NTSC games
Disclaimer text….

Acrylic BitLounger Modular Storage

For SNES Games

The Bitlounger stand, available through their Etsy store, is the perfect solution for storing the pride and joy of your SNES game collection. We say Pride and Joy, as it only stores 6 SNES Games, and compared to other storage options this is one of the pricier solutions in our list.

That being said this is a premium solution, so you get what you pay for. The Bitlounger is ideal for collectors who have a selection of rare and valuable games they would like to keep in pristine and mint condition. The acrylic cover not only keeps your games dust-free but also allows for easy visibility of your display games at any time.

What sets the Bitlounger apart is its modular interior, which includes options for an insert tray for storing either N64, SNES, or Gameboy cartridges. These removable inserts are laser cut to the profile of the cartridge and allow you to change your storage over time. Want to start off storing your N64 favorites, but decide later you want to display your 20-cartridge GameBoy game collection? No problem, the stand comes with 1 choice of insert tray and additional trays are sold separately.

Acrylic BitLounger Modular Storage for SNES Games Best for collectors

Capacity: Holds either NES: 6 Cartridges / SNES: 6 Cartridges / N64: 6 Cartridges.
GBC/GBA: 20 Cartridges.

If you’re still building your SNES collection, be sure to check out our feature on the Best 25 SNES Games of All Time.

In conclusion, for SNES game collectors, preserving the integrity of their cartridges is paramount. This article has explored a variety of SNES Game cartridge storage solutions, from simple closed cases to premium modular stands like the Bitlounger.

Whether opting for budget-friendly options or investing in high-quality craftsmanship, there’s a solution to suit every collector’s needs and preferences. With the right storage strategy, enthusiasts can ensure their prized SNES games remain in pristine condition for years to come, ready to be enjoyed and admired by future generations of gamers.

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