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Nitro Deck Switch Handheld: Retro Purple Limited Edition

Numerous companies have sought to address the issue of drifting Joy-Con sticks, often turning to Hall Effect technology as the solution. This technology utilizes magnets to circumvent the problem of worn components. Joining this trend, CRKD now presents their solution in the form of the Nitro Deck.

It’s a simple yet brilliant concept: slide your Switch screen into the frame, and it transforms into a sturdy gamepad. It’s like a mix of the Switch Lite and Steam Deck, available in default colors like black, gray, and white, with limited editions like GameCube purple, and SFC inspired multicolour buttoned gray.

The Nitro Deck includes a stand for Bluetooth play, but it really excels as a handheld. The D-pad and face buttons are responsive and tactile, while the shoulder buttons and triggers feel smooth and satisfying. Plus, the four back-panel buttons, while not always necessary, are well-placed and feel great to use.

But the real stars of the show are the analog sticks. With Hall effect technology, they offer precise control without any drift issues. The Nitro Deck even comes with two spare sticks with different textures, making customization a breeze. Accessories are also available so you can customise the deck to suit your style even further.

The controller provides a comfortable grip, and its overall build quality is commendable. When held without the console, it feels surprisingly lightweight, indicating a careful balance between build quality and weight that CRKD has strived to achieve. Once the console is inserted, however, the controller feels solid and appropriately weighted, ensuring a satisfying gaming experience.

Credit: CRKD: Nitro Deck Nostalgia Edition in SNES PAL grey / Super Famicom Colours
Nitro Deck PAL Grey Nostalgia Edition

Nitro Deck PAL Grey Best retro style

Base Nostalgia Edition – does not include case. Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED

We really love the Nostalgia Edition in SNES PAL Grey, a nod also to the button combinations on the Super Famicom. In contrast the Retro Purple – Crystal Collection, is a nod to the iconic colors of the Nintendo GameCube, appealing to nostalgia-driven gamers while delivering cutting-edge performance.

Nitro Deck Retro Purple

Nitro Deck LE Retro Purple limited edition

Handheld pro controller for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED Model has Hall Effect Sensor thumbsticks and Triggers. Includes Carry Case, USB – C Cable and thumbtack toppers.

The LE Retro Purple Nitro Deck comes complete with a protective carry case, USB-C cable, and thumbstick toppers, providing added convenience and customization options for gamers. Whether you’re on the go or playing at home, the Nitro Deck ensures that your gaming accessories are always protected and easily accessible.

With motion controls and wired mode capabilities, the Nitro Deck offers versatility in how it can be used. Whether as a wired controller for PC or Nintendo Switch, or as a standalone handheld device, the Nitro Deck adapts to suit your gaming needs. Its motion control gyro compatibility and rumble support on Switch further enhance the immersive gaming experience.

While the Nitro Deck’s rumble function may not be to everyone’s taste (its pretty loud!), its ability to deliver powerful vibrations adds another layer of immersion to gaming experiences. However, for those who prefer a quieter gaming experience, the rumble function can be easily turned off, ensuring that players can tailor their gaming setup to suit their preferences.

Tailor-made cases for the Nitro Deck are available ,these will set you back an extra £30 or so, but if you opt for one of the Limited Edition Nitro Deck Models (Like the Retro Purple above) you get a complementary case. This boasts eight storage compartments to accommodate physical copies of Switch games, along with a braided USB-C cable for both charging and docked mode usage of the Nitro Deck.

In conclusion, the CRKD Nitro Deck Limited Edition offers a compelling blend of performance, comfort, and style for Nintendo Switch gamers.

Is the Nitro Deck Compatible with the Switch and OLED Switch?

Yes, it is compatible with both the Switch and the OLED Switch. It is NOT compatible with the Switch Lite.

Can you use the Nitro Deck as a standalone Controller?

Yes you can, wired only.

Does the Nitro Deck work as a Dock?

Also worth noting is the Nitro Deck can NOT be used as a Dock, if you want that feature you will need to fork out a little extra for the newer iteration of the product which is the Nitro Deck+

Any other downers?

Well yes, there is no Amiibo support on the Nitro Deck which could be a downer for some.

Should I take the plunge?

The Nitro Deck arrived in the Autumn of 2023 towards the end of the predicted lifespan of the Switch (with the Switch 2 predicted to have a 2025 release). As such not everyone will be happy to drop another £50-£70 on a Switch Accessory that could have gone towards a new console, be that a Steamdeck or a Switch 2. If you want to enjoy your existing games and the price isn’t an issue, go for it. If not then hold fire, and wait for the Switch 2 release and see if such an accessory will even be necessary then.

Is there another Nitro Deck model with more bells and whistles?

There is already a new iteration of the Nitro Deck, which is the Nitro Deck + and is available to preorder as of May 2024 on the CRKD website which offers Dock support (via an accessory) as well as bluetooth support. So to answer the question, Yes.

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