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Golden Famicom Disks: Quest for Rare Collectibles

Was Indiana expecting a Golden Famicom Disk?

Pioneering Online Gameplay

In a bid to pioneer a rudimentary form of networking akin to today’s internet, Nintendo embarked on a daring venture back in 1987. The plan? To unite Japan’s Famicom consoles through a sprawling network, connecting gamers across the nation. To put this network through its paces, Nintendo orchestrated a series of competitions, inviting players to partake in Famicom Disk System video games and transmit their high scores to Nintendo’s headquarters via the Famicom Network System for a chance to win a Golden Famicom Disk.

Golden Famicom Disk
The Golden Famicom Disks are now sought after collectibles occasionally found on Ebay

The Nintendo Famicom Disk Fax Competitions

These competitions, totaling four in number, witnessed a frenzy of participation, with over 50,000 prizes up for grabs by the end of each event. The coveted prize? A Disk-kun, enclosed within an elegant off-white box adorned with a printed ribbon. Nestled within each Disk-kun was a yellow plastic case, molded in the likeness of Disk-kun, the beloved Famicom mascot. But what made these prizes truly golden was what lay inside. A Golden Famicom System Disk Game.

Nintendo Famicom Disk System Japan Golf Tournament
Cover Art for 1987 Famicom Golf: Japan Course on Famicom Disk System

The inaugural tournament, the Nintendo Famicom Golf Tournament Japan Course, unfolded in early 1987. Gamers faced off in rounds of Golf Japan, vying for the highest score.

Golf: Japan Course Tournament

In a surprising turn of events, a game that doesn’t overtly bear Mario’s name in its title manages to prominently feature the iconic plumber both within the game itself and on its cover artwork. Developed by Nintendo, this game was a standout release, arriving on a distinctive blue FDS disk (Blue Disks were Disk Fax compatible), a departure from the traditional yellow hue, on February 21, 1987.

While Mario takes the spotlight, his trusty companion Luigi joins the adventure as the representation of the second player, adding to the game’s allure. Notably, this game introduced a groundbreaking feature known as the “disk fax,” allowing players to transmit their scores + rankings directly to Nintendo. The promise of recognition and even prizes for the most skilled players added an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

Golden Famicom Disks
Golden Famicom Prize Disk

Golf: US Course Tournament

Fast forward to late 1987, and the stage was set for the second showdown: the Nintendo Famicom Golf Tournament U.S. Course. Mirroring its predecessor, players tackled Golf U.S. in pursuit of glory. Yet again, the prize mirrored the first competition, featuring a Disk-kun with a golden disk, this time showcasing the U.S. version of Golf and its exclusive 19th hole. But there was a twist — a second prize emerged: the coveted gold Punch-Out!! Special cartridge, adding an extra layer of allure to the competition.

While the first two tournaments primarily served as litmus tests for Nintendo’s burgeoning network, the latter pair took on a promotional hue, spotlighting specific Disk System games.

Nintendo Famicom Grand Prix F1 Race Tournament

The third installment, the Nintendo Famicom Grand Prix F1 Race, coincided with the release of Grand Prix F1 Race, with gamers challenged to conquer the Disk System’s racing tracks. The Disk-kun prize now housed a special edition Game & Watch Super Mario Bros., elevating the stakes for enthusiasts.

Stationary Prize Set

Nintendo Famicom Grand Prix II 3D Hot Rally Tournament

Closing the chapter on official tournaments was the Nintendo Famicom Grand Prix II 3D Hot Rally in 1988, heralding the launch of Grand Prix II 3D Hot Rally. Following a similar format to its predecessor, high scorers clinched an exclusive prize: an official Nintendo stationery set, ensconced within the iconic Disk-kun case and white box.

Estimated Value of the Golden Famcicom System Prize Disks

Today, these coveted Disk-kun prizes and the elusive Punch-Out!! Special fetch anywhere from £500 to £1000, contingent upon their completeness and condition.

If you are keen to hunt one down, the best place these days to find one of these rare golden famicom disks is unsurprisingly Ebay.

Search Ebay for a Golden Famicom Disk System Game

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