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Flying with Toddlers Top Packing List for Kids

Flying with Kids Top Packing List for Toddlers for a relaxing Flight

Traveling with toddlers can be a daunting task, especially when it involves long flights. Keeping your little ones entertained and comfortable is key to a smooth journey for both parents and children. To help you prepare for a stress-free flight, here’s a comprehensive packing list with 20 essential items to keep your toddlers happy and occupied during the journey.


Toddler Headphones

EarFun Foldable Headphones for kids, 85/94dB Volume Limiter

Ensure a peaceful flight by packing comfortable, child-sized headphones. These will not only protect their delicate ears from the airplane noise but also allow them to enjoy their favorite shows or music without disturbing fellow passengers. These Toddler Headphones by Earfun are a great example.

EarFun’s wired kids headphones prioritize your child’s safety and comfort, featuring kid-friendly materials and hearing protection. These headphones limit sound levels to 85dB/94dB, safeguarding your child’s hearing during travel or entertainment. The durability factor is taken care of with a tangle-free, Nylon braided cord, ensuring resilience against squishing, dropping, and tough twists. HD microphones, in-line controls, and a 3.5 mm share port enhance functionality, allowing kids to share audio with friends or family without the need for splitters or special cables. The comfy fit and foldable design cater to convenience, making them perfect for your child’s travel experience.


Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet

2 Year Worry Free Guarantee
Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet
(Image credit: Amazon)

A dedicated kids’ tablet loaded with age-appropriate games, apps, and shows can be a game-changer. Here we would recommend Amazons Fire range of Kids Tablets. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet is durable and comes with parental controls, making it a perfect travel companion. Be sure to download your little one’s favourite shows before you fly over WIFI at home or in the airport before you board, to avoid any inflight-tears!

The 11th-generation Fire HD 10 Kids tablet offers a feature-rich, 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display designed for children aged 3–7. Complete with a Kid-Proof Case, 1 year of Amazon Kids+, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee, it’s not just a toy but a robust, parent-controlled device. Parental controls allow easy management from a phone, including screen-time limits and content approvals. The tablet includes 1 year of Amazon Kids+ for ad-free books, games, videos, and apps. With age-adjustable filters, it grows with children, and the 2-year worry-free guarantee ensures replacement in case of damage. Boasting 13 hours of battery life, it should keep them entertained on even the longest of long-haul flights.


Kids Water Bottle (Eddy by CamelBak)

Eddy Airplane Bandits

Staying hydrated is crucial, and having a spill-proof, kid-friendly water bottle ensures that your toddler can easily access their drink throughout the flight.

Flying with toddlers can be an adventure in itself, but fear not, fellow parents, for we have a trusty sidekick to ease the journey – the CamelBak Kids Eddy Airplane Bandits water bottle. This 400ml wonder isn’t just any water bottle; it’s your co-pilot through the turbulence of travel tantrums and spill-prone situations.

Picture this: your little one gleefully sipping from their CamelBak Kids’ eddy water bottle, adorned with whimsical airplane bandits graphics, while you sit back and relax, knowing spills are a thing of the past. Thanks to its spill-resistant design and patented CamelBak Big Bite Valve, this bottle keeps both kids and parents happy.

But wait, there’s more! The easy-to-use bite valve ensures even small fingers can operate it with ease, meaning fewer “oops” moments mid-flight. And cleaning? A breeze! With its simplified stem and straw, all parts are dishwasher safe, saving you precious time for more important tasks, like decoding your toddler’s in-flight entertainment preferences.

Safety first, they say, and this bottle delivers. Made from stain-resistant and taste-free Tritan, it’s 100% free of BPA, BPS, and BPF, ensuring your little one’s hydration is as pure as their spirit of adventure.


Snack Cup by Skip Hop Zoo

Pack a fun and functional snack cup to avoid spills

Ah, the joys of traveling with little ones – snacks become your secret weapon for a smooth journey. Enter the Skip Hop Zoo Snack Cups, your ally in conquering snack time chaos with style and ease. This adorable snack cup isn’t just cute; it’s a game-changer for on-the-go munching.

Designed with little hands in mind, the easy-grip, non-slip handle ensures that even the tiniest travelers can assert their snacking independence without the mess. With a snap-top lid keeping snacks fresh and a clear body for easy refill checks, it’s practicality meets playfulness.

But what truly sets this snack cup apart is its spill-proof design. The soft, flexible flap opening under the lid allows kids to dive in for snacks without the risk of spills, making it a parent’s dream come true during turbulent flights.

And let’s talk about style – with a range of vibrant characters including Butterfly, Monkey, Fox, and more, snacking on-the-go transforms into an adventure. Plus, the ingenious hole in the handle ensures it stays tethered to your buggy or bag, so you’ll never have to play the “lost cup” game again.

Our kids have always used these Snack Cups, they are great for filling with dry cereal like Cheerios and can keep your little ones occupied for quite some time.


Coloring Activities

A Simple Colouring Book or Blank Sheets of Paper + Crayons

Keep your little artist engaged with coloring activities. Pack a coloring book and some crayons to unleash their creativity during the flight. My Big Fun Coloring Book for Toddlers is an excellent choice for the plane. Featuring over 100 simple and engaging coloring activities, this book offers a plethora of opportunities for toddlers to learn fundamental skills and concepts. From mastering counting and shapes to recognizing colors, letters, and animals, each page provides a fun-filled learning experience.

Approved by teachers, parents, and kids alike, the book includes large and adorable illustrations, making it easier for toddlers to stay focused and entertained. With activities like letter tracing, number recognition, and shape coloring, children can enhance their fine motor skills while having fun.

Whether at home, in the car, or on a plane, this jumbo-format coloring book promises hours of enjoyment for toddlers aged 2-4 years old. Say goodbye to screen time and hello to endless creativity and learning opportunities with “My Big Fun Coloring Book for Toddlers.”


Skip Hop Backpack

Somewhere to keep everything on this list!

Encourage a sense of independence by letting your toddler carry their essentials in a small backpack featuring their favourite cartoon character. It can also double as a toy bag during the flight. We adore the cute Koala and other animal themed Skip Hop Kids Backpacks. Crafted with whimsical details and durable materials, these backpacks are tailor-made to withstand the hustle and bustle of airplane travel.

Featuring a mesh side pocket that adjusts to accommodate a juice box, sippy cup, or water bottle, hydration is always at hand, ensuring your young explorer remains energized throughout their journey. The front pouch, ideal for snacks, also includes additional pockets for pencils and other travel essentials, ensuring everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

Comfort is paramount, particularly for delicate shoulders. Fear not, as these backpacks boast plush padded straps that gently support your child, allowing them to carry their treasures effortlessly.

Inside, a spacious main compartment awaits. While it may not fit an 8.5×11 file folder, it’s perfectly sized for both grand adventures and quick getaways. What’s more, with an easy-to-clean lining and a writable nametag inside, keeping track of belongings is a breeze.

And the cherry on top? These backpacks are phthalate-free, prioritizing safety while maintaining a stylish flair. Measuring 11l x 5w x 12h inches, they’re the perfect size for preschoolers, seamlessly integrating into their world of wonder and wanderlust.


Water Wet Wipes

An essential item for that Airplane Loo

A pack of water-based wet wipes is a must-have for quick clean-ups, whether it’s sticky fingers or accidental spills. Keep your toddler feeling fresh and clean throughout the journey.

Travelling with wet wipes is essential when flying with toddlers as this is not an item you are going to find in the aircraft toilet when it’s time to change a nappy. These versatile water wipes offer convenience and peace of mind. On airplanes, where space and resources are limited, wet wipes also become invaluable for cleaning tray tables, armrests, and other surfaces your child may touch. Moreover, they provide a quick refresh for faces and hands, ensuring hygiene during long flights.


Nappies or Pull-ups

Game changer for convenience and reliability

If your toddler is still in diapers or transitioning to pull-ups, make sure to pack enough for the duration of the flight and potential delays. In the realm of flying with toddlers, Pura’s pull-up nappies emerge as a game-changer for parents seeking convenience and reliability. These nappy pants boast the ease of pull-up design, akin to big kid undies, yet offer the same leakage protection as traditional nappies. Super soft, unscented, and free from chemical nasties, they’re dermatologically tested and Allergy-UK approved, ensuring safety for delicate skin. With a core made from certified natural plant fibers, they’re gentle on the environment and your little one’s developing skin. Pura’s eco-friendly approach extends to affordability, making them a wallet-friendly choice without compromising on quality.


Trunki Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow

Keep your little ones comfortable

Ensure your toddler gets some rest during the flight with a comfortable travel neck pillow. The Trunki Travel Neck Pillow design adds a playful touch to make naptime more enjoyable. Offering super comfy head and neck support, it prevents toddlers from nodding forward during sleep, whether in the airplane, car seat, or stroller. Ingenious magnets secure the chin cushion for a safe and refreshing nap, while a blanket grip ensures extra snuggly sleeps. Its unique design allows full use of safety seat headrests while providing chin support, ensuring a comfortable journey. With fun animal characters and plush fabric, it doubles as a soft toy to keep kids entertained on long flights and car rides. A travel essential for toddlers aged 2-4 years.


Extra Clothes – Toddler Tracksuits

Essential for a comfortable journey

Accidents happen, and having a change of clothes for your toddler – and maybe even for yourself – is essential for a comfortable journey. From unexpected spills and accidents to sudden bouts of motion sickness, children can easily find themselves in messy situations during flights. A spare outfit ensures that parents can quickly address any mishaps, keeping their little ones comfortable and dry throughout the journey. These outfits by PanLidapan come in a variety of colours and are soft, comfortable and perfect for travelling.


Ziplock Bags

Keep things organised

Keep things organised and have a few Ziploc bags on hand for storing snacks, soiled clothes, or any small items that might need containment. These versatile bags are invaluable for managing unexpected messes and keeping belongings tidy during the flight. Whether it’s containing spills or separating dirty clothes from clean ones, Ziploc bags offer convenience and peace of mind on your journey.

This particular set boasts 5 different mixed sizes, totaling 20 frosted reusable plastic ziplock bags, catering to varied storage requirements. With a range of sizes to accommodate everything from snacks to soiled clothes with ease. Crafted without holes, they ensure waterproof and dustproof protection for both dry and wet items.


Small Towel

Opt for a quick-drying material for convenience

A compact towel comes in handy for wiping hands, faces, or any unexpected spills. Opt for a quick-drying material for convenience. These Fit-Flip Microfibre towels are perfect for travel, Measuring 30x50cm and weighing next to nothing, it’s a space-saving essential for any traveler.

Made from ultra-absorbent microfiber, it dries quickly, making it perfect for wiping hands, faces, or cleaning up spills mid-air. Its versatility extends beyond flights – ideal for the gym, camping, or beach outings. Equipped with a convenient press stud, it’s easy to hang anywhere for drying. Plus, its top-quality material ensures durability and hygiene, with antibacterial properties and easy machine-washing capabilities. Upgrade your travel essentials with this must-have towel.


Kids Board Books

Bring along a couple of favorite board books to entertain your toddler and encourage a love for reading. Bringing along a board book like “Dear Zoo: The Lift-the-flap Preschool Classic” can be a game-changer when traveling with toddlers.Its interactive nature keeps little ones engaged and entertained during long flights, providing a welcome distraction. With sturdy flaps to lift and vibrant illustrations, it encourages cognitive development and fosters a love for reading early on. Authored by Rod Campbell, a renowned figure in preschool literature, it guarantees quality storytelling that both kids and parents adore. The chunky cased golden cover and thick card pages ensure durability, perfect for tiny hands. Make flying with toddlers a breeze by packing this beloved classic.


Gummy Sweets

Kids & Grown ups love them so!

A small treat can be a great distraction during takeoff and landing. Gummy sweets are a convenient and mess-free option.

Looking for a tasty and convenient snack to keep your toddlers happy during flights? Look no further than Haribo Minis – a delightful assortment of gummy sweets that are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

With 100 packs of 10g each, these mini bags are perfectly sized for little hands and little tummies. Despite their small size, they pack a big punch of flavor, making them an ideal distraction during takeoff and landing. Plus, their mess-free nature ensures a hassle-free travel experience for parents.

Haribo Starmix Mini Bags offer a variety of flavors and shapes, including heart throbs, friendship rings, fun gums, happy cola, tropic frutti, and iconic Goldbears. These beloved classics are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained and satisfied throughout the journey.

Not only are these mini bags great for flights, but they’re also perfect for long journeys, parties, school snacks, or simple treats at home. And with Haribo’s commitment to quality and taste, you can trust that your children are enjoying a delicious and safe snack wherever they go.


First Aid Kit

Prepare for the unexpected

Be prepared for minor bumps and bruises with a compact first aid kit like this Baby Shark First Aid Kit containing essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and any necessary medications.

Flying with toddlers can be an adventure in itself, with unpredictable twists and turns along the way. As parents, ensuring the safety and well-being of our little ones is always a top priority, especially when embarking on journeys far from home. While we can’t always anticipate every bump or scrape, being prepared with the right tools can make all the difference.

Enter the Reliance Medical Baby Shark First Aid Kit – a compact yet comprehensive solution for addressing minor cuts and grazes on the go. Featuring an adorable Baby Shark design that kids love, this kit is as practical as it is appealing. Packed into a convenient foil pouch, it’s perfect for stashing in your carry-on or diaper bag, ensuring you’re always equipped to handle any mishaps that may arise during your travels.

Inside, you’ll find all the essentials for providing immediate care and relief to your little one. From bandages to antiseptic wipes, each item is carefully selected to address common childhood injuries with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re at the park, on a road trip, or simply at home, this first aid kit offers peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared to handle whatever comes your way.


Stuffed Animal

A familiar stuffed animal can provide comfort and a sense of security for your toddler during the flight. This Bright Starts Slingin’ Sloth Travel Buddy is more than just a stuffed animal; it’s a cuddly companion designed for adventures on the move. With its versatile design, this adorable sloth toy is ready to accompany your little one wherever they go.

Equipped with four different attachment options, including strollers and carriers, the Slingin’ Sloth ensures that your child always has a snuggly friend by their side. Its ribbons and tactile details offer a sensory experience that engages and entertains young minds, while additional activities such as clackers, a mirror, and various textures provide endless opportunities for exploration and play.

Ideal for newborns and up, this plush toy is not only irresistibly soft but also easy to clean, making it perfect for busy parents. Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a long flight, the Slingin’ Sloth Travel Buddy is the perfect companion for your little one’s adventures, offering comfort, entertainment, and endless cuddles along the way.


Sanitising Wipes

Keep surfaces clean

Keep germs at bay by packing a few packs of sanitizing wipes. Wipe down tray tables, armrests, and any other surfaces your toddler might come in contact with. These Antimicrobial Hand wipes by Clinell are designed for travel, individually wrapped for convenience, dermatologically tested, and proven effective against 99.99% of germs, including viruses and bacteria. They require no soap or water, making them ideal for disinfecting on-the-go. These wipes offer peace of mind amidst the challenges of air travel, ensuring a cleaner environment for both parents and children.


Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Stay minty fresh in the Sky

In the whirlwind of modern travel, ensuring kids maintain good oral hygiene can be easily overlooked. However, the significance of packing a toothbrush and toothpaste for young travelers cannot be overstated. Beyond combating bad breath, regular brushing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, crucial for overall health. Long-haul flights pose particular challenges, with extended periods between meals and limited access to conventional brushing facilities. Yet, encouraging children to brush their teeth after eating, even in unconventional settings like airplanes or airports, fosters healthy habits early on. With compact, travel-friendly toothbrushes and mini toothpaste readily available, there’s no excuse to neglect dental care, even on the go.

This U-shaped toothbrush effectively cleans teeth and gums from all angles, ensuring thorough dental care for children aged 2-6 years old. The 3 Pack comes in orange, pink and blue and has cute animal designs your kids are sure to adore.


Apple Air Tags

In the realm of air travel with toddlers, ensuring their safety and security is paramount. With the chaos of airports and the confined space of airplanes, it’s easy for young ones to wander off or get separated from their parents. That’s where technology comes to the rescue. Consider using Apple AirTags for added peace of mind although please don’t get complacent.

These innovative trackers can be discreetly attached to your child’s belongings or clothing, allowing you to keep tabs on their whereabouts via your smartphone. In the event of separation, AirTags provide real-time location updates (as long as they wander within close distance of another individual carrying an iPhone), helping you reunite with your little one amidst the bustling airport terminal or aircraft cabin.


ORSEN Doodle Board

Introduce a screen-free entertainment option with a doodle board. The ORSEN Toddler Toys Doodle Board provides endless drawing fun without the need for paper and crayons.

The 8.5-inch Kids Toys Doodle Board, adorned with an enchanting Dinosaur design, emerges as a lifesaver for parents traveling with toddlers on airplanes. This Toys Drawing Pad, by RSEN, serves as a versatile entertainment tool, offering endless creative possibilities while soaring through the skies. Crafted with safety in mind, its non-toxic ABS material and secure battery slot ensure worry-free doodling sessions during flights.

Lightweight and portable, this doodle board is the perfect travel companion, fitting easily into carry-on bags for on-the-go entertainment. Its upgraded screen technology delivers vibrant colors and smooth drawing experiences, captivating young minds and keeping them engrossed during long flights. The dinosaur-shaped design adds an extra element of excitement, making it an ideal birthday or holiday gift for young travelers.

Whether it’s drawing, playing games, or simply doodling away, this doodle board guarantees hours of fun and creativity, making air travel with toddlers a breeze for parents and an adventure for kids.

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