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Chromatic Handheld: Physical Cart FPGA

Chromatic Handheld FPGA Game Boy

A New Challenger in the Retro Gaming Arena Launches Christmas 2024: First Edition Preorders now open

In the ever-evolving world of retro gaming, the Analogue Pocket and Funnyplaying now face fresh competition from the new kid on the block: the Chromatic handheld. This sleek device brings a modern twist to classic gaming, running Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges through FPGA emulation.

Chromatic Handheld Colours

The Chromatic is available in a range of colours, including Inferno orange, Leaf green, Bubblegum pink, Volt yellow, Wave Blue and Midnight Black.

Available in Japanese and English Editions

What’s neat is you can order the Chromatic in both Japanese or English Editions, personally the Japanese Edition looks pretty neat where the A, B and Start and Select button text all appears in Hiragana (Japanese script).

The LCD Display

One of the standout features of the Chromatic is its display. Boasting the “world’s only 160×144 pixels sunlight-readable backlit display,” it promises crystal-clear visibility even in bright conditions. This impressive screen is safeguarded by a “super scratch-resistant sapphire front crystal,” ensuring durability for on-the-go gaming. Encased in a robust magnesium alloy shell, the Chromatic exudes premium quality, ready to withstand the rigors of daily use. The “ultra-durable PBT buttons” further enhance the device’s resilience, while the inclusion of video-out via USB-C expands its functionality.

The Design of the Chromatic Handheld

The Chromatic Handheld Design is clearly inspired by the form of the Original Nintendo Gameboy, with some minor differences. The bottom left corner of each model has three retro like coloured stripes reminiscent of 70’s designs. ModRetro text appears printed the top of each LCD screen, and the words ‘Chromatic’ are aligned left under the LCD with the text ‘1st Edition’.

Independent (Physical) & Exclusive Retro Games

Beyond its retro gaming capabilities, the Chromatic will also support its own line of dedicated physical games, offering a unique library for enthusiasts to explore.

At the time of writing there are only six games available to preorder with a seventh coming soon. These are Toki Tori Ultimate Edition, Tales of Monsterland DX, In the Dark 2, Traumatariam Penitent, Dragonyhm, and Patchy Matchy Puzzle Surfing. The PreOrder First Edition Launch Device also currently comes with Tetris (So technically eight games).

Although these are by no means cheap, with these Gameboy sized cartridges going for between £24 up to £36 – See Toki Tori Ultimate Edition which also Launches Xmas 2024 is priced at £36.

Credit: ModRetro Game Toki Tori – Launch Price of £36

See current collection of Games available here

Yes it’s Boxed and brand new, but if you dont mind an unboxed original, you can always consider playing second hand Gameboy games and the Chromatic will let you play these too. For example the Gameboy Color version of Toki Tori on CEX is available for £12. A Toki Tori Game is also available on the Nintendo Switch as a download for less than $4.99 USD.

Chromatic Battery Source

Powering the device is flexible, as it can run on three AA batteries, with an optional rechargeable battery pack available for those who prefer a more modern power solution.

Who is behind ModRetro?

The brains behind this innovative handheld include Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, who is involved with ModRetro, the company producing the Chromatic. Luckey’s passion for retro gaming is well-documented; he founded the ModRetro Forums back in 2009. To celebrate the launch, Palmer Luckey will appear alongside Tetris creator Alexei Pajitnov and gaming legend Henk Rogers at a special event at the Pasadena Convention Center on Friday, June 7th, during the Socal Gaming Expo.

Chromatic Handheld Launch Date & Price

Set to hit the market this Christmas at a price of £158, the Chromatic comes bundled with Tetris for Chromatic, adding immediate value for buyers. While it is more expensive than the Funnyplaying GBC FPGA device (About £55) launched in 2023 and only slightly cheaper than the Analogue Pocket (About £196), its success will depend on how it performs in the hands of gamers. Stay tuned to our magazine for a hands-on review as soon as we get our hands on this exciting new device.

Find out More at Mod Retro Official Website

Find out More at the ModRetro Official website here

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