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Best Famicom for Famicom Disk System

Nintendo Famicom and Famicom AV are the ideal companions for the Famicom Disk System

If you are trying to find out what the best famicom to purchase alongside your Famicom Disk System ,the simple answer is NOT a Famiclone. These are notorious for not playing well with the FDS.

The best console that is 100% compatible with the FDS peripheral is either an original Nintendo Japanese Famicom / Family Computer or the later AV Famicom. While The RAM adapter is a tight squeeze, particularly the cable at the back, it does fit and works perfectly.

Most FDS fans opt for the AV famicom as it has the AV out which the original Famicom does not (it only has RF out). So our recommendation is to go with the AV Famicom (AKA New Famicom), the FDS (Famicom Disk System) and at least a couple of 8BitDo N30 2.4g controllers which are compatible with 7pin ‘NES style’ ports on the AV Famicom.

The FDS RAM adapter just uses the AV Famicom cartridge slot. The AV Famicom also has the advantage of detachable controllers with NES style plugs, so you can use any NES (or wireless 8bitdo) controller.

Consider a Sharp Twin Famicom

Sharp Twin Famicom – Plays both Famicom Games and FDS Games.

Alternatively if the FDS isn’t a priority and you just want to play FDS games, you could also consider a Sharp Twin instead. This licensed Sharp product plays both Famicom games AND Famicom Disk System Games at the same time, eliminating the need to buy the FDS and the RAM adapter. Potentially saving you some money.

Where to buy the Famicom Disk System Drive?

Head to Ebay to source your FDS disk drive. Make sure if you are buying online the seller offers returns/refunds and that the belt in the FDS has been replaced recently, also make sure the disk drive comes with the RAM Adaptor (very important) and ideally a power cable but if not the disk drive also runs on C Batteries.

Powering a Famicom or AV Famicom in the UK

We bought our FDS and AV Famicom unit on Ebay. If you are based in the UK then it’s vital you purchase the correct adapter for your Famicom unit so you don’t blow it. Under no circumstances will you use a NES power cord with your Famicom, it will fry the system.

Same for the Disk system.The best adapter to use here is a SEGA genesis UK power adapter, it will fit the AV Famicom perfectly and is centre negative, and you won’t need a step down converter to use it with your AV Famicom.

Do not use a Famiclone with FDS

We tried the RetroAD C56 with the FDS and received an ERROR 02 on screen. Once we switched our Retro C56 to the Famicom AV the FDS drive worked perfectly.

If in doubt, make sure the products are all original Nintendo models from the Japanese Market and you should be good to go. Happy Gaming!

If you found this article interesting and want to learn more about the Famicom Disk system be sure to check out our Feature on the FDS Console here, and don’t forget to check out our guide to the Top 12 Famicom Disk System Games to start your collection.
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