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Best Budget Upscaler for Super Nintendo: RetroScaler2x

Budget Upscaler for Super Nintendo

A Review of the RetroScaler2x A/V to HDMI-compatible Converter and Line-doubler

In the ever-evolving world of retro gaming, where enthusiasts seek to breathe new life into classic consoles, finding the right gear to enhance the experience can be as challenging as mastering that final level boss. Enter the RetroScaler2x A/V to HDMI-compatible Converter and Line-doubler, hailed by some as the best budget upscaler for Super Nintendo. This modestly priced yet mighty solution promises to elevate your Super Nintendo gameplay to pixel-perfect heights.

While it’s tempting to overlook the need for an upscaler with today’s flat-screen TVs seamlessly handling signal conversion to align with their native resolutions, the reality runs deeper. Behind the sleek exteriors of modern displays lie built-in upscalers that often fall short, neglecting crucial factors like lag and the nuanced processing demands of legacy gaming consoles such as the revered SNES, notorious for its 240p output.

Unboxing the Promise

We were eager to put the RetroScaler2x through its paces. Upon arrival, we wasted no time in connecting it to our trusty SNES, eager to witness its transformative powers.

Unboxing the RetroScaler2x
Box Contents Include Manual, RetroScaler 2x and USB Power Cable (No Adapter)

Before we connected our RetroScaler2x we took a few snaps of the SNES connected via SCART to our LCD Sony TV playing a PAL cartridge of Super Mario World. As you can see the picture is less than perfect:

From SCART to HDMI: A Visual Odyssey

Bid farewell to the days of fuzzy SCART connections and say hello to smoother, vibrant visuals courtesy of the RetroScaler2x. With a simple switch to composite connection and conversion to HDMI output, the difference was as stark as the contrast in a classic 8-bit platformer. See the results below:

The RetroScaler2x breathes new life into aging 16 bit SNES graphics, delivering sharpness and clarity that will make even the most seasoned retro-gamer do a double-take upscaling to 480p.

That being said, you can do better, If you’re interested in a 1080p upscaler and have deeper pockets, then an OSCC (that’s an Open Source Scan Converter) line multiplier / upscaler may be preferable to you. We will cover those options in a future feature.

It’s worth noting, the RetroScaler2x does need separate power Ssupply (it comes with a usb power cable but not a usb adapter, although we had a spare one one lying around) and once you factor in the cost of an old retro console like a SNES, and then add an HDMI Cable and the RetroScaler2x itself, it would likely end up cheaper to just buy a Famiclone, many of which come with an HDMI output these days and built in upscaler Like the RETROAD SFC.

Best Budget Upscaler for Super Nintendo Restroscaler2x

RetroScaler2x A/V to HDMI-compatible Converter and Line-doubler Best Value 480P UPSCALER

For Retro Game Consoles PS2 N64 NES Dreamcast Saturn MD1 MD2

Specs That Speak Volumes

Let’s dive into the technical prowess of the RetroScaler2x. Supporting a wide array of consoles including the SNES, NES, N64, and more, this versatile upscaler boasts compatibility that borders on the legendary. With support for both NTSC and PAL signals, it effortlessly bridges the gap between regions, ensuring that no gamer is left behind.

The RetroScaler2x doesn’t just stop at compatibility; it excels in performance too. Thanks to its zero-lag design, input responsiveness remains as snappy as the day your favorite console first graced your TV screen. And with filter modes catering to both 2D and 3D games, you can tailor your experience to suit your gaming preferences.

Performance that Strikes a Chord

While the RetroScaler2x impresses on the visual front, how does it fare in the audio department? In our testing, we found the audio performance to be commendable, though not without its minor quirks. While general playback posed no issues, we noticed a slight roughness during intense moments such as explosions. However, for most users, these nuances are unlikely to detract from the overall experience, particularly when enjoyed through TV speakers.

A Pass-through to the Past

One standout feature of the RetroScaler2x is its pass-through mode, which seamlessly digitizes incoming signals without altering their resolution. Whether you’re connecting via composite, S-video, or component inputs, the RetroScaler2x ensures that your beloved classics retain their original charm, all while ushering them into the digital age.

Setting the Stage for Retro Resurgence

In conclusion, the RetroScaler2x proves to be a worthy companion for any retro gaming enthusiast seeking to breathe new life into their beloved consoles. Is it the best budget upscaler for Super Nintendo? With its affordable price point; extensive compatibility, and impressive performance, we think it probably is. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of gaming’s golden era.

So, dust off those cartridges, fire up your favourite titles, and experience retro gaming like never before, courtesy of the RetroScaler2x.

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