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Best 10 Nintendo 64 Games to Collect

With retro and nostalgic gaming the more popular these days, consoles we grew up with are being dusted off, brought down from the attic and reintroduced to new generations of gamers.

If you grew up playing Goldeneye competitively with friends huddled around the N64 you are not alone, and there is no better way to play those old classics than on the original device itself. However if you don’t have access to your old N64 console, worry not! they’re relatively easy to pick up these days on online marketplaces like Ebay.

There are also a host of alternative ways to play N64 cartridges, one of which is Analogues upcoming 4k N64 (expected to launch sometime in 2024). If you’re interested, be sure to jump on Analogues newsletter, as if their previous track record is anything to go by, a pre-order will be essential, along with a good dose of patience – be prepared to wait months for your Analogue 3D console.

Analogue says the new console will have “100 percent compatibility” with N64 cartridges in every region and will also support 4K output and will include Bluetooth support and four controller ports.

In the mean time, perhaps now is a great time to start collecting your old favourite N64 cartridges, below is a list of the most popular 10 N64 Games of all time.

1. Super Mario 64

Part 1: Super Mario 64 – Jumping into 3D Wonderland Ah, the game that turned jumping into an art form! Super Mario 64 was the catalyst for 3D platformers. It threw us into Princess Peach’s castle with infinite possibilities. Mario’s leaps and bounds through vivid worlds showcased the N64’s capabilities. Who could forget the joy of collecting Power Stars or the relentless hunt for that elusive 100th coin? It’s a classic that set the gold standard for 3D gaming.

Pros: Transition to 3D worlds and Mario’s fluid moves make exploration exhilarating.
Is it Multiplayer? Sadly, it was a solo adventure.
Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Best Values

Seminal 3-D adventure/platform game 
Restore peace in the Mushroom Castle 
Enter paintings that lead to a variety of worlds

2. Mario Kart 64

– Racing Into Friendship Wars Picture this: a room full of friends, gleefully bickering while hurling banana peels at each other. That’s the magic of Mario Kart 64. With tracks like Rainbow Road and characters like Yoshi and Toad, it fueled friendships and rivalries alike. The adrenaline rush from snatching victory at the last second or the absolute chaos of the Battle Mode—pure, unadulterated joy!

Pros: Whiz around iconic tracks, flinging shells, and cunning shortcuts!
Is it Multiplayer? Oh yes, up to four players diving into heated races and battles.

3. GoldenEye 007

License to Thrill James Bond hit the console scene with a bang in GoldenEye 007. It was THE game for multiplayer mayhem. From slappers-only fights to the infamous “Golden Gun” mode, it transformed sleepovers into espionage battlegrounds. Plus, the single-player campaign was a masterpiece, a blend of stealth, action, and intense missions that made us all feel like secret agents.

Pros: Gripping single-player campaign and addictive multiplayer modes
Is it Multiplayer? Absolute chaos with four-player split-screen battles.

4. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

A Timeless Epic This game elevated storytelling in video games. The expansive world of Hyrule, the time-traveling mechanics, and the unforgettable characters like Navi, Ganondorf, and, of course, Link! Ocarina of Time set standards for action-adventure games. Every dungeon solved, every song played on the ocarina, it felt like embarking on a hero’s journey.

Pros: The vast world of Hyrule, time-travel mechanics, and memorable characters
Is it Multiplayer? It remained a single-player journey.

5. Donkey Kong 64

Monkeying Around A game so massive it needed an Expansion Pak! Donkey Kong 64 was a wild, banana-filled adventure. Each Kong had unique abilities, and the sprawling levels were packed with collectibles. Who didn’t spend hours searching for every last Golden Banana or Jammin’ to the beat in the music-themed stages?

Pros: Kong’s unique abilities and sprawling levels kept us exploring for hours.
Is it Multiplayer? Sadly, It was a solo adventure.

6. Pokémon Stadium

Gotta Battle ’Em All! When Pokémon Stadium hit the scene, it was like bringing Pokémon cards to life! The thrill of transferring your beloved team from the Game Boy to a 3D battle arena was electrifying. The Mini-Games were a riot—trying trying to cook Slowpoke Tails or bash your opponents in Clefairy Says never got old.

Pros: The thrill of seeing our favorite Pokémon in 3D was exhilarating.
Is it Multiplayer? Yes, it supported four-player battles.

7. Star Fox 64

Taking Flight “Do a barrel roll!” – Words etched into gaming history. Star Fox 64 whisked us into epic space battles with memorable catchphrases and exhilarating dogfights. The branching paths kept us coming back for more, trying to unlock every secret route and facing off against Andross in an epic showdown.

Pros: Branching paths make each playthrough exciting.
Is it Multiplayer? Yes, four players could engage in aerial battles.

8. Super Smash Bros.

Brawling Bonanza The ultimate crossover brawler that brought Nintendo’s iconic characters together! From Mario to Pikachu, duking it out in chaotic battles was pure delight. Each character had their own move set, leading to heated debates over who was the best fighter. Super Smash Bros. was a party game that brought both joy and fury!

Pros: Distinct character moves and stages led to intense, competitive gameplay.
Is it Multiplayer? Absolutely! Four-player frenzy at its finest.

9. Banjo-Kazooie

Platforming Perfection This game was a gem of platforming brilliance! Banjo-Kazooie captivated us with its witty humor, clever level design, and endearing characters. The dynamic duo of Banjo and Kazooie exploring, solving puzzles, and facing off against the villainous Gruntilda left an indelible mark on our gaming memories.

Pros: The witty dialogue, intricate puzzles, and vibrant worlds were enchanting.
Is it Multiplayer? It was a single-player adventure.

10. Diddy Kong Racing

Racing Beyond the Norm Revving up the engines for the final spot, Diddy Kong Racing mixed racing and adventure flawlessly. It wasn’t just about speed; it was about strategy, exploring, and conquering varied terrain. The diverse roster of characters, unique vehicles, and thrilling boss races made this game an N64 standout.

Pros: Varied terrain, boss races, & a diverse roster of characters kept us engaged.
Is it Multiplayer? Indeed! Up to four players could compete in races and battles

From epic solo adventures to heated multiplayer showdowns, these N64 classics defined an era of gaming that still holds a special place in our hearts. Whether it was navigating through vast worlds or engaging in fierce battles with friends, these games shaped countless memories and set benchmarks for generations to come.

If you’re looking for some wireless controllers for your N64 to bring it up to date, be sure to check out our feature on the Best 3 Wireless Controllers for N64

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