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Analogue N64 – Analogue 3D 4k Console

Analogue N64 - Analogue 3D new 4k 64 bit Console
(Image credit: Analogue)

Hardware manufacturer Analogue has announced its latest creation, the Analogue 3D console, following a teasing tweet back in October 2023. This new system marks Analogue’s venture into 3D gaming, specifically targeting compatibility with the extensive library of Nintendo 64 games.

The Nintendo 64, initially released in the West on March 1, 1997, introduced gamers to the realm of 3D gaming, featuring iconic titles like GoldenEye, Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Despite its age, the Nintendo 64 and its games remain beloved by retro enthusiasts and casual players alike.

Distinct from emulation-based consoles, Analogue’s systems, including the Analogue 3D, facilitate legal gameplay using original cartridges. A Boon for fans who are sill holding on to their original N64 games, and game exchange resellers like CEX and marketplaces like Ebay.

Utilizing its proprietary Analogue OS operating system and custom cartridge slot, the Analogue 3D promises an authentic retro gaming experience.

Release Date?

Analogue 3D - Analogue 3D new 4k 64 bit Console
(Image credit: Analogue)

The Analogue 3D / Analogue N64 is Expected to Launch sometime in 2024

4K resolution

A standout feature of the Analogue 3D is its ability to render games in 4K resolution, enhancing the visual quality of classic titles when connected to compatible displays. This advancement aims to breathe new life into these timeless games, appealing to both nostalgia-driven gamers and newcomers alike.

Key specifications of the Analogue 3D include a 4K HDMI output and support for wireless Bluetooth connectivity and 2.4 GHz wireless communication, potentially allowing compatibility with a range of controllers, including original and reproduction Nintendo 64 controllers by companies like 8Bitdo

How much will it cost?

While the exact pricing and release date for the Analogue 3D are yet to be disclosed, it is anticipated to be in line with Analogue’s previous premium offerings. Given the company’s reputation for high-quality retro gaming hardware, enthusiasts can expect a robust and feature-rich console.

Region Locking

Notably, Analogue has confirmed that the Analogue 3D will not feature region locking, describing the console as “The first and only aftermarket solution supporting 100% compatibility in every region. USA, EU & JP.” ensuring compatibility with Nintendo 64 games from all regions. This inclusive approach solidifies the Analogue 3D as a versatile aftermarket solution for gamers worldwide.

New Analogue 3D N64 Controller in the works?

Analogue N64 8Bitdo Controller
(Image credit: Analogue)

While it remains uncertain whether the Analogue 3D will include a controller in its package, the company’s website offers a tantalizing glimpse with a teaser image featuring a mysterious controller veiled in shadow.

Examining the design of this controller and its associated file name (“11-8BitDo Analogue 3D controller tease”), it appears likely that 8BitDo may be involved in its production, possibly through a collaborative launch, which wouldn’t surprise many as both companies are linked through co-founder Christopher Taber who is the founder of Analogue and CMO of 8BitDo.

Adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image reveals intriguing details about its layout, bearing resemblances to 8BitDo’s acclaimed Ultimate Controller design. However, this new iteration boasts a distinct Nintendo 64-inspired twist, featuring a single joystick, C-buttons positioned on the right side, and noticeably larger B and A buttons.


As anticipation builds for its release in 2024, the Analogue 3D promises to deliver a modernized retro gaming experience, marrying nostalgia with cutting-edge technology for gamers of all ages to enjoy.

Refresh that Collection of N64 Games

Some popular N64 Game cartridges which play on Analogue 3D
(Image credit: Analogue)

So now might be an excellent time to boost your collection of N64 Cartridge’s. Be sure to check out out article on the Best 10 N64 Games to collect here.

Stay True to Nintendo

For those of you who want to stay true to Nintendo, you can find OG N64’s on marketplaces like Ebay and WeBuy / CEX in the UK. An unboxed N64 will set you back around £70 -£80, while a boxed one is usually sold around the £130 mark (at time of writing Spring 2024).

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Of course if you ready have a Switch or Switch OLED, or even an original N64 for that matter, why would you consider buying another console?

The Switch can now play a wide selection of N64 Games (Well 30 Classic) via Nintendo Switch Online Membership if you also have the + Expansion pack membership (£59.99 per year at time of writing). I think this is where Nintendo have missed a trick, as I personally resent paying a subscription to have access to my favourite classics (that I already own the N64 cartridges for) only so long as I pay the monthly or annual subscription.

With an original N64 Console or the Analogue 3D you will be able to play your own N64 games, and pick up classic N64 cartridges for reasonable prices (e.g the ‘GoldenEyes N64’ Game price at CEX today is £5) and own the game forever with no monthly subscriptions.

I feel Nintendo Switch Online needs to go the way of Xbox Game Pass to be successful in the long run, offer a wide selection of old and new Nintendo games with the membership, but give people the option to ALSO Buy those old NES,SNES, N64 classics if they want to own them, so they can keep them forever. Not everyone wants a membership their whole life.

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