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8 Ways to Enhance Home Security Against Intruders

Discover eight actionable ways to enhance home security, from technological advancements to unconventional deterrents like small dogs and community involvement.

In the realm of security tech, Smart Doorbells and Security Cameras are today an inexpensive investment and easy way to strengthen the security of your home and belongings. However these aren’t your only options, read on to find out about some simple tricks and habits that can also enhance your home security against intruders.

Smart Doorbells for Safety First

Smart Doorbells to Enhance Home Security against Intruders

These devices offer a secure means of communicating with people at your doorstep without physically opening the door, ideal for the elderly or those who might live alone, and allowing them to potentially deter suspicious individuals with a simple greeting like ‘Hi , can I help you?’.

You could even set smart doorbells to alert you when they detect motion so you can check it out even if you’re not at home, a practical tool for managing missed deliveries and ensuring the safety of your property.

While skeptics may argue that visible security measures attract thieves, a good combination of security measures should also act as a deterrence.

While a determined burglar might attempt to avoid or disguise themselves from cameras; the recorded footage can still serve as an early alert to a potential or in-progress burglary. Plus the ability to remotely activate sirens on some cameras through a remote app adds an extra layer of surprise for burglar bill.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the most effective deterrents are solid windows, locks, external lights, and strong deadlocks.

Which Doorbell should I choose?

Which Smart Doorbell to choose for Home Security against intruders

When choosing a doorbell, the decision often boils down to whether you opt for a battery-operated device or a mains-powered one

If feasible, hard-wiring your doorbell and security cameras eliminates the risk of battery depletion, ensuring continuous operation.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired

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Ring Video Doorbell Wireless

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The Intruder in the garden…

A recent incident involving an intruder in our front garden highlighted the practicality of Ring Cameras and the Ring doorbell. The alert on the Ring app prompted our family to review our security measures and underscored the potential value of the captured footage (From two cameras) in assisting law enforcement if needed.

Think like you’re in Home Alone

Home Alone Security Ideas

Would be burglars are looking for signs the property is empty, to further bolster the appearance of an occupied home when you are away, consider using timed or remote smart plugs for lights and electronics.

This cost-effective strategy, exemplified by the TAPO range of smart plugs, allows you to simulate activity within your home.These can be used to turn radios, tvs and lights on and off, on a set or random schedule.

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Noise is the most likely indicator to someone that your house is currently occupied and if you don’t fancy messing around with a smart plug and an app, an old fashioned plug with timer will work just as well (minus the remote control). Schedule these to come on in the early morning and early afternoon as these tend to be popular break in times.

Floodlight Cameras

One of the most effective deterrents for intruders during a break-in is the occurrence of sudden action that reveals their presence forcing them out of the shadows. Notably, powerful lights stand out as a top choice for home owners.

These days you can get floodlights combined into a motion-activated camera system so you only need to buy one product.

One example we use is the Ring Spotlight and Floodlight cameras, these offer a potent combination of CCTV and powerful illumination. The uncertainty of whether the light activation was manual or automatic, coupled with the intimidating siren feature, could certainly help deter burglars.

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Wired)

Outdoor Security Camera 1080p HD Video, Two-Way Talk, Night Vision, LED Spotlights, Siren, alternative to CCTV system

Ring Floodlight Cam Plus (Wired)

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Battery operated versions of these outdoor cameras exist, but as with the Ring doorbells, we would recommend you hard wire these and to get a qualified electrician to connect them. This way you don’t have to worry about the battery running out in the middle of the night. Be sure to place these high up enough around the exterior of your home so they are out of reach, and to cover key entry points.

Smart Alarm System

For comprehensive home security, explore Ring’s simple and affordable alarm systems, which operate over your home Wi-Fi network and include sensors for windows and doors. In the event of a break-in, the alarm can alert you and your neighbours, deterring intruders.

The Ring Alarm system comprises essential components such as a base station, a contact sensor, a motion detector, a keypad for alarm arming and disarming, and a range extender for extended sensor coverage. If needed, you can customize your security setup by purchasing additional sensors to cover your entire home.

Ring Alarm Pack – S by Amazon Bestseller

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The entire setup process should only take a few minutes, showcasing Ring’s commendable user experience design.

The management of the entire system is conveniently done through the standard Ring app, which is the same app used for Ring security cameras that can integrate seamlessly with the alarm system.

Beyond the basic features of siren alerts and smartphone notifications, you have the option to subscribe to a minimal monthly plan that allows up to three emergency contacts to be notified, offering an extra layer of security.

Setting up the Ring Alarm is remarkably user-friendly, with the Ring app guiding you through the process of connecting hardware to your network, ensuring the base station communicates with the sensors, and verifying overall system functionality. The entire setup process should only take a few minutes, showcasing Ring’s commendable user experience design.

How much is that puppy?

Airedale Puppies in Window, an ideal companion and Home Security Guard

Considering unconventional deterrents, a small dog can be surprisingly effective, with its bark acting as a potential deterrent.

A small terrier could be equally as scary behind a door as a larger dog and with their far superior hearing, will likely alert you to the presence of someone outside long before they reach the front door, be its the Postman a ‘Porch Pirate’ or ‘Burglar Bill’. 

Get to know your neighbours

Neighbourhood watch to deter burglars UK

Building a rapport with neighbours, informing them of your absence, and requesting occasional surveillance can also contribute significantly to home security. Leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbour may also be helpful should an emergency arise.

A neighbourhood watch program can also be a great way of keeping abreast of developments and recent crimes in your area.

Leave the car on the driveway

If you can get a cab to the airport or train station on your next trip, do it, leaving your car on your driveway is a great way to make it look like you are home.

If you have to drive and don’t have second car, consider asking a friend or neighbour to park their car in your driveway while you are away.  Plus the continuous movement of their car as they come and go will also add to the illusion that someone really is home.

This may be enough to deter a would be burglar as it will look like someone is home, especially in combination with timed lights coming on and off in the house as outlined earlier.

Don’t hide keys outside

Securing your home goes beyond just locking doors and windows; it involves mindful practices like not hiding keys in seemingly “secret” outdoor locations. While it might seem convenient to stash a spare key under a doormat, potted plant, or fake rock, burglars are well aware of these common hiding spots. In fact, these places are often the first ones they check. Relying on such predictable hiding spots poses a significant security risk, as seasoned criminals are adept at exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Burglars are well aware of these common hiding spots. In fact, these places are often the first ones they check.

To enhance your home’s security, consider alternative strategies. Invest in a secure lockbox, designed to withstand tampering, and place it inconspicuously on your property.

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Alternatively, entrust a spare key to a neighbor or a nearby friend. This not only minimizes the risk of unauthorized access but also fosters a sense of community security.

In conclusion, a multifaceted approach, incorporating technology, strategic deterrents, and community awareness, can collectively enhance the security of your home.

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